Unable to use vagrant-vmware-desktop plugin with Tech preview 20H1

I have purchased a license for the VMware plugin and today upgraded my version of VMware Workstation Pro to the Tech preview 20H1 version, so that I can use Hyper-V and VMware on the same machine.

I tried to start a vagrant box but received an error stating that:

You're using a license that doesn't allow you to use the installed
version of Workstation. This error message occurs if you upgraded Workstation
without also upgrading your license. Please upgrade your license to
unlock features and support for the latest version of VMware Workstation,
or revert your version of Workstation back to the supported version.
You can upgrade your license by going to the following URL:


I don’t see any way to make the license work with this version, and can’t see an upgrade path that would include it. Is there any way?