Vagrant with Docker as Provider


First, I want to say I’ve hunted through the GitHub issues for Vagrant, searched Reddit, and this forum, in addition to general internet rummaging. Either I can’t understand the solution, or I haven’t found it.

I’m on a Windows 10 machine with Vagrant, VirtualBox, and Docker for Windows installed. Vagrant using VirtualBox as the provider works perfectly well. I’m trying to evaluate using Docker as the provider, and the documentation suggests it’s relatively straightforward. However I’m having the same difficulty as noted in GitHub issue #8769.

Here is the Vagrantfile I’m currently tinkering with:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
   config.vm.provider "docker" do |d|
   d.image = "python:3.8.5-buster"
   d.cmd = ["/usr/bin/tail", "-f", "/dev/null"] 

I’ve tried yes and a few others, but the cmd directive doesn’t seem to be counteracting the nature of running detached. I started playing with defining a provision declaration to set the docker run command up, but haven’t wired that up successfully.

What’s a good next step?