Variable not defined

Am fairly new to Terraform, I’m currently building an environment in Azure.

I’ve started using modules and using .tfvars files. When I go to deploy I hit this error

Error: Reference to undeclared input variable

  on line 4, in module "rsgrp":
   4:   location = var.location

An input variable with the name "location" has not been declared. This
variable can be declared with a variable "location" {} block.

In my .tfvars file this is out how it’s set:

environment = "dev" 
location = "uksouth"
failover = "ukwest"

My module is set out like this

resource "azurerm_resource_group" "rsgrp0" {
    name = "rg-ngd-$(var.environment)-inf-01."
    location = var.location

In my file is set out like this

module "rsgrp" {
  source = "./rsgrp"
  environment = var.environment
  location = var.location

This is where I use >terraform plan -var-file="../../environments/dev.tfvars"

Don’t understand why I get the error when the variable is being called in the file.

Can someone please explain?

Thank You

Hi @thjef94,

From the error message it seems that your root module lacks a declaration of the input variable location:

variable "location" {

Each module, including the root module, must declare the variables it expects.