Vault 1.9.10 integration with OCI Storage for Cluster version 1.21.5

Hashicorp vault issues after upgrading OKE version v1.21.5

We have upgraded our OKE cluster version to v1.21.5 since then the Hashicorp vault is not working. The version was pretty old 1.2.3 and we have upgraded to the 1.9.10 later. Vault is using OCI as storage backend. We are getting OCI storage backend issues and we are not sure how to change or fix the OCI KMS keys. Our OKE environment is managed by terraform.

/ # vault operator diagnose -config /vault/config/vault.json
Vault v1.13.1 (4472e4a3fbcc984b7e3dc48f5a8283f3efe6f282), built 2023-03-23T12:51:35Z

[ failure ] Vault Diagnose
  [ success ] Check Operating System
    [ success ] Check Open File Limits: Open file limits are set to 1048576.
    [ success ] Check Disk Usage: /dev/termination-log usage ok.
    [ success ] Check Disk Usage: /vault/file usage ok.
    [ success ] Check Disk Usage: /etc/hosts usage ok.
  [ success ] Parse Configuration
  [ failure ] Check Telemetry: incomplete Stackdriver telemetry configuration, missing stackdriver_project_id
  [ failure ] Check Storage: Diagnose could not initialize storage backend.
    [ failure ] Create Storage Backend: Error initializing storage of type oci: failed creating
      NewObjectStorageClientWithConfigurationProvider: can not create client, bad configuration: did not find a proper
      configuration for tenancy
/ # 

Could you please answer the below;

Do you have any new documentation about OCI vault integration with HashiCorp vault?