Vault CLI without server


I work as DevOps engineer and I’m currently creating some utility OCI images to use at our DevOps workflows. One thing that a lot of different images need is the Vault CLI. And I realized that the only release option is the full solution (CLI+Server), and it’s “big” (~150mb), given that my utility images are Alpine based and usually around ~10-15mb.

I solved the problem by creating a shell script that performs only the operations I need thru HTTP API. But I really would like to have the full CLI available.

Is it possible to have a binary with CLI only, to make it smaller?
If necessary, where can I file a feature request for that?


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Maybe this could help you out?

Hi Wolfsrudel.

I think that will help some people that may come to this thread.

Unfortunately it will not help me specifically because my managers are not going to approve the usage of a tool that is not official to read secrets.

Hi - correct that it does not exist now. Heard folks ask for a binary to deploy in similar fashion to use vault agent only… so similar to your request but couldn’t find an issue logged.

You can log a feature request issue here -

Thanks @mikegreen

I created the issue 10180 for this feature request.