Vault Credential store brokering with Boundary

Integrating vault with boundary credential store , inorder to login into aws ec2 instance,
but have to statically provide the credential inorder to login into ec2.

./boundary connect ssh -target-id ttcp_1234567890 -addr=http://XXXXXXXXXXX -username hello
Credential Source ID: clvlt_jnEOdYQyew
Credential Source Name: new ec2
Credential Store ID: csvlt_4lWBv8Wke7
Credential Store Type: vault
hello@hst_1234567890’s password:

It is not taking the vault secret created in vault ,basically which it should
So is there any alternative to login into AWS resources through credential provided in vault .
the documentation has the analyst role able to connect postgres db without providing the credential.
boundary connect postgres -target-id ttcp_1r9XGCXdwE -dbname northwind

So is there the similar approach for logging into ec2 instance.