Vault failing to unseal after server reboot


My vault server unexpectedly rebooted yesterday, and now it is failing to unseal given the proper keys.

I am receiving the following error:

failed to create audit entry: path=file/ error="sanity check failed; unable to open "/var/log/vault/vault_audit.log" for writing: open /var/log/vault/vault_audit.log: Permission denied"

I have checked permission on that directory, vault is set as the owner.

I have also tried disabling the audit device, but I am not allowed since the vault is still sealed.

It seems like it is a permission issue related to the audit device. Is there any way to circumvent the audit procedure while the vault is sealed?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated

Please add more details:

  • Show the permissions/ownership of the /var/log/vault
  • Change log level to debug and see if you get more details.