Vault for the application

I would like to use the Hashicorp vault for the windows application which is installed on 1000+client. Please suggest which one is the best option to use it Token-based or any other option. Thanks

Hello @chaudharyvk !

You can use VaultSharp, the C# SDK for Vault. However, given you have a number of clients, you will have to decide if you need to refactor your application to use the SDK and redeploy across all clients. Otherwise, you can run Vault Agent as a separate process to write out a file or environment variable, and have the client consume it.

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if the secrets are stored on the client-side in the thick client application. Which hashicorp method I can use. I don’t want to expose the vault URI on the client-side. Please suggest.

What do you mean by not wanting to expose the Vault URI? Do you mean you don’t want Vault to be accessible from the different client machines? If you embed a Vault SDK within your application or use the Vault Agent one the client machines they would need to be able to access the Vault server.