Vault_generic_endpoint still does a GET when disable_read = true

Hello all,

Using the vault 3.7.0 provider, I am testing out a third party vault plugin which has an endpoint that only supports the ‘write’ method. When doing a terraform apply, I get the error:

Error: error reading sectigo-vault-pki/enroll/datto_ssl_config from Vault: Error making API request.
│ URL: GET https://<myFQDN>:8200/v1/sectigo-vault-pki/enroll/test_ssl_config
│ Code: 405. Errors:
│ * 1 error occurred:
│       * unsupported operation

resource "vault_generic_endpoint"  "sectigo_certs" {

  disable_read = true
  path                 = "sectigo-vault-pki/enroll/test_ssl_config"
  data_json = <<EOT
  "sectigo_cm_user": "<user>,
  "sectigo_cm_password": "<pw>",

  "sectigo_csr_domain": "<FQDN>",
  "sectigo_csr_email_address": "xxx"



Thanks in advance!

Well - answering my own question - did not realize a different version of the resource without the disable in it was still somehow in the tfstate file. Once I edited that out, the code worked as expected.