Vault helm chart contribution

Hi All

I want to submit a PR to add a pull request to add objectSelector for mutating webhook in the helm chart. I created a new branch off of the master but when I do a push, I get the below error. I went through contributing guidelines and got redirected here to reach out for help. Can someone help me?

git push --set-upstream origin addObjectSelector
ERROR: Permission to hashicorp/vault-helm.git denied to guru1306.
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.


Hi @guru1306,

please describe what you did so far. Are you trying to push into HashiCorp’s repository directly? You should fork the repository to your own account first and push your changes to the forked repository.


Hi Nick

I did the following steps.

  • git clone
  • git checkout -b addObjectSelector
  • Modified files
  • git add -u
  • git commit
  • git push -u origin addObjectSelector

I will try fork now.


I think you want to follow a path like this for contributing to a repo you don’t have access to commit to…

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