Vault opensource - helm or yaml based

Hi Team,
For exploring or utilize the vault functionality (Kubernetes | Vault by HashiCorp) for API management(kong), looking for proper helm chart or yaml config file for vault server setup configuration on k8s

$ ./helm search repo hashicorp/vault
WARNING: Repo “kongdb” is corrupt or missing. Try ‘helm repo update’.
WARNING: open C:\Users\HEMAN.MALVE\AppData\Local\Temp\helm\repository\kongdb-index.yaml: The system cannot find the file specified.
hashicorp/vault 0.22.0 1.11.3 Official HashiCorp Vault Chart

$ ./helm install vault hashicorp/vault --namespace vault --dry-run
Error: parse error at (vault/templates/prometheus-prometheusrules.yaml:1): unclosed action

References -

suggestions are welcome!!

I am also facing the same issue. But when I deployed vault thru helm chart in linux system it worked fine without any issues. But when I used IDE on windows system and upload to gitlab thru IDE, on running pipeline it is throwing this same error for prometheusrules.prometheus.yaml. On googling, I found that it happened because IDE converted LF file format to CRLF.
But here I am not sure how to rectify it.