Vault operator migrate - unseal failed, invalid key

Hi there

I am trying to migrate a Vault store from existing deployment with consul backend to a different deployment with etcd backend, using vault operator migrate. I am doing it in two steps, migrate consul to file and then file to etcd. (this is a lab environment and trying to understand the migrate process)

cat << EOF > migrate.hcl
storage_source "consul" {address = "http://vault-consulchart:8500"}
storage_destination "file" {path = "vault"}
cat << EOF > migrate-restore.hcl
storage_source "file" {path = "vault"}
storage_destination "etcd" {address = "http://vault-etcdchart:2379"}

Both steps appear to be successful, but when I try to unseal, i get “* Unseal failed, invalid key” message. The key shares are valid, i use them to unseal the source vault environment. Am I missing a step here. What could be the reason for the error, if the keys are correct


It appears that I am using some ancient versions: source 1.3.1 destination 1.1.3. I upgraded the destination to 1.3.1 and now I can unseal successfully!