Vault Oracle database plugin for oracle password rotation

We are using Vault to keep secrets in our project and would want to use it for Oracle database password rotation as well.
Is Alpine linux compatible with vault-plugin-database-oracle plugin available from vault? If not then, which is the best Linux compatible with this plugin and can it be used in production?
We would like to use binaries for vault-plugin-database-oracle plugin which are directly available from vault.

Current Vault linux version: Alpine Linux 3.14.8
Architecture: x86_64 Linux
Vault Version: Vault v1.12.2


The Oracle plugin is not compatible with Alpine Linux as it comes by default because it uses musl as its default C library instead of glibc, which Oracle client libraries are dependent on. reference

If using a docker image, Red Hat offers a UBI based image of Vault that would be compatible. If not, any distro with glibc should work. Could look at Ubuntu or RHEL.

Otherwise you can try installing gcompat on Alpine, which is a glibc compatibility library.

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Thanks for your response. Eventually we tried with debian linux and we were able to do oracle password rotation with plugin binary provided by Vault itself.