Vault Secrets Operator 0.1.0 -> 0.3.1 upgrade issue: imagePullSecrets

Hi there :wave:

I am upgrading the vault-secrets-operator in our cluster from version 0.1.0 to 0.3.1.

When upgrading I get this issue:
/charts/vault-secrets-operator/templates/_helpers.tpl:140:15: executing "imagePullSecrets" at <.Values.controller.imagePullSecrets>: nil pointer evaluating interface {}.imagePullSecrets Use --debug flag to render out invalid YAML

Anyone have any idea how to get around this?

I’ve tried overriding the values like this:

  imagePullSecrets: []

But it does not work.

I see there have been some work on imagePullSecrets in the newer versions:

Rolling back to 0.1.0 and it all works fine again :man_shrugging:

Anybody have some tips for how to fix/get around this?

It’s easier to answer if you post your values file (with sensitive information redacted)

I was able to reproduce this in a simple sample, so I made an issue on Github for this:

I answered on Github.