Vault Server as a Windows Server Service

I am trying to stand up Vault on a Windows Server 2019 system. The documentation makes it clear that the Vault Agent can be run as a Windows Service, but after numerous searches I haven’t been able to find a satisfactory way to run the Vault Server as a Windows Service. The options I’ve found include using a wrapper like NSSM (, WinSW (, or AlwaysUp ( The documentation indicates that Vault can be run as a service under Linux. Are there plans to enhance Vault so that it can be run as a Windows Service? If so, what is the estimated timeline for release?

I understand the need to unseal the vault. I am OK with having to connect to my server upon restart to unseal the vault. My problem is with having to run the Vault Server in a command window and leaving the user that launches the process logged in so that the Vault Server doesn’t shut down. I have reviewed the possibility of using a BAT or PowerShell script with a Task Scheduler task executed at start up, but this seems like an awkward solution that leaves me working around logging issues.

Any information on the plans to allow Vault Server to run as a Windows Service is appreciated. Thank you.

Vault Agent is not Vault Server. Ok, it’s the same binary, but i’m not sure you can have the “Server” in a Windows Service.

Thank you for the reply. I am aware that Vault can be invoked as either Server or Agent. I am also aware that Agent can be run as a Windows Service. My research to date confirms that Vault cannot be run as a Windows Service in Server mode without using a third party product like AlwaysUp. My questions are:

  1. Are there plans to update the Windows binary to allow Vault to run as Server as a Windows Service (similar to its functionality under Linux)?
  2. If so, is there an estimated release date for that functionality?

If you’re looking for answers that only HashiCorp can give, rather than community support, I think you’d be slightly better off asking in GitHub issues, rather than the discussion forum.

Thanks for the feedback, @maxb! I hoped someone here might know, but you’re right, I’d have more luck in GitHub issues.