Recommended way to deploy and start Vault on Windows servers


What is the recommended way to deploy and start a Vault Server on Windows machines?
I’ve tried to start Vault as a Windows Service (same way we can do it with Consul), but it does not work. I’ve seen some tricks on the internet about it, like create a task to run a PowerShell script on windows startup, but I think it shouldn’t be the most correct way to deal with this.

In addition, I’m working with a Vault Server (VS) that performs the autounseal using the Transit Secret Engige in another Vault Server (VT), and VS authenticates to VT by certificate (Auth Cert method). So, in this case, I first have to perforn a login by Auth Cert to get the token and then start the VS.

So, how do you guys do this initialization of Vault Server on Windows?
There is a recommended way to do that?

Thank you all in advance!

Vicente Silva


Anyone, please?!! I really need some answers!!

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I have the same doubt , I want to know how to deploy vault in production environment ? I have got the demo on deploying vault as a free in dev server mode , is there anyway we can deploy in production on windows 10 OS?

I don’t think this was intended to actually be used on windows in a production environment. This issue has been flagged as an ‘enhancement’ on issue 7609