Vault CLI on Windows OS

Hi. I’m a relative newbie to Vault so pardon the probably naive question.

I’ve been going through some of the tutorials/documentation on and have come across many command line examples like the one depicted below.


I am learning Vault strictly from a Windows 10 operating system, which not surprisingly doesn’t recognise the commandline “$” syntax.

Now, I’m yet to come across any of the tutorial/documentation exercises on state that the examples given require a particular operating system (in the above example, I’m guessing the tutorials are for Linux environments only), and so it’s been a struggle for me trying to replicate the tutorials.

My question(s) therefore are:

  1. How do I get by or resolve this CLI challenge on my Windows 10 machine. Do I need to install some utility perhaps or run the commands in a certain mode on Windows?

  2. Are there equivalent CLI tutorials on that are tailored for Windows environments?

You can run WSL and use a $ prompt in windows without any changes, but if you rather use the Windows Command prompt remove the \ and do the command in one line, works fine.

Other than having to do “SET” rather than “export” the variable and commands are 99.9% the same. There are a few exceptions specially when trying to use local files to read and write changes via POST but then use something like postman.

PowerShell will also be different – haven’t used it myself but I have heard people using: GitHub - cdhunt/PowerVault: PowerShell Client for HashiCorp Vault to make it easier.

Thanks for the feedback @aram