Vault ssh policy to list only user's role

I am planning to create individual role and policy for each user on ssh engine
so the user can create token for only his/her username

$ cat ismail.hcl 
path "ssh/creds/ismail_otp_key_role" {
  capabilities = ["create", "read", "update"]

$ vault policy write ismailssh ./ismail.hcl
$ vault write auth/userpass/users/ismail password="test" policies="ismailssh"

when I visit web ui

I got

Not Authorized
You don't have access to ssh/. If you think you've reached this page in error, please contact your administrator.

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I can sort this by adding

path "ssh/roles/*" {
  capabilities = [ "list" ]

In this case the user can see all roles. Yes he can read/manage but list all.
Is there any option in the policy to list only user’s role(s)?

Maybe policy templates could help you out: