Vault with consul vs Vault with mssql

Hi everybody,

I want to ask about the advantages and disadvantages of consul vs mssql for vault storage?

kind regards

What’s your engineering parameters?

If HA’s your deal, consul is HA OOB

Don’t use MSSQL.
Don’t use Consul unless you have a reason to.
Use integrated storage.

You can read specifics in the docs.

@mikegreen I agree with you.

However I am interested in what reason could be given to still use consul as storage backend for vault?

(Better scalability? Already existing consul setup?)

IMO yes, and that might be the only reason really… If you’re familiar and already have the infrastructure… and/or, you using Consul for service mesh/discovery/dns/lb (which, is kinda not recommended to multi-task the consul boxes).

Some folks want to keep the app (vault) separate from the data layer - but since backup/restore/mgmt is really at the cluster level and not table/database concept, I don’t see a benefit from it…