VirtualBox says v 6.0 is no longer supported, what version should I download?

Virtualbox says version 6.1 doesn’t allow software virtualizations. Is this version still usable w/ Vagrant?

Yes, Vagrant works with VirtualBox 6.1 (I am currently running 6.1.4). I’m curious about where Virtualbox says that it doesn’t allow software virtualization? I couldn’t find any mention of not allowing software virtualization in the virtualbox changelog.


Hello, and thank you for your reply, Sophia.

It said that after I clicked on the download link on the left.

Here’s the text:

For some reason, my last email was missing text and the url where it said that the software virtualization wasn’t possible w/ 6.1. So, here’s the link again. Hopefully, it won’t be stripped from my post.


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