Vsphere clone doesnt assign ipv4 address to new vm

Hello packer community!

We have been trying to use packer plugin vsphere-clone to clone a ubuntu vm template from vsphere. The idea is that we want to clone the already existing template, make changes to the template via boot commands and save it as a new template we can spin up vms from. (for patching purposes)

However, when trying to assign an ipv4 address for debugging the boot commands, we do not get a ipv4 assigned even though we have defined it as follows:

The vm clones like it is supped to and gets the hostname packer-test but the ipv4 address defined (removed) does not get applied so ssh is impossible.

I have tried enabling debug output for packer via the env flag PACKER_LOG=1, but this does not give any clear hints as to why we are not getting the assigned ip address for the vm that is in our ip range.

Best regards