Vsphere-iso: hardening vmx file through 'configuration_parameters' parameter


We’re using packer to build our rhel 8 templates voor vspehere, which is working fine.

Next we would like to automatically harden a number of settings in the vmx file e.g. isolation.tools.getCreds.disable

Is it possible to edit these kind of settings through the ‘configuration_parameters’ parameter or not?

https://www.packer.io/docs/builders/vmware/vsphere-iso :

»Extra Configuration Parameters

  • configuration_parameters (map[string]string) - configuration_parameters is a direct passthrough to the VSphere API’s ConfigSpec

Yes, it should be possible using this stanza.

(I am still struggling with the differences of the two builders vsphere-iso and vmware-iso. I am using the vmware-iso with vmx_data and vmx_post_data and it’s working.)

Ok, good to know it should be possible. I’ll look into it further.
You don’t have by any chance an example of a working config, would save a lot of time :slight_smile:

Just found this, but it’s with the vmware-iso builder:

thx! Always nice to have examples, I’ll look into it.