Vsphere-iso rhel8 builds

I’m using a Packer template to build a Red Hat 8 VM using vsphere-iso with a working kickstart file…however and it’s a pretty big however - the ‘reboot’ command inside the kickstart fail does not happen - everything else in the kickstart file is actioned - so the installation sits waiting for user interaction at a console - pretty much rendering Packer useless. I’ve tried adding a Packer template ‘reboot’ but this also doesn’t seem to work as described so for now am concentrating on trying to figure out why the kickstart ‘reboot’ doesn’t happen. TBH I’d just like to see a proven verifiably working vsphere-iso template for a RHEL 8 VM :slight_smile:

Hi @laup.trebmal,

Did you ever get the RHEL8 VM working with vsphere-iso?