Waypoint Deployment Service Down

Is anyone else observing post issuing the command “waypoint up”, the Prod and Deployment URLs show up, but neither is showing the application, getting the message " Couldn’t find a Waypoint deployment with this URL"

I validated that the example app works for me and https://status.hashicorp.com shows Waypoint as operational without recent incidents.

In this situation it’s best to check the logs for application on the platform you are deploying to. Here are startup logs for an example app running in docker.

  1. Notice the Entrypoint will initialize and attempt to initialize a network connection with the Waypoint Server.
  2. Upon connecting successfully, the Entrypoint will exchange an invite token for a login token.
  3. If that it is successful, it will retrieve the app configuration.
  4. If the URL Service is enabled, the Entrypoint will attempt a connection to the Waypoint URL Service (currently at https://control.hzn.network)
  5. If the Entrypoint establishes a network connection to HashiCorp Waypoint URL service, then deployment URLs, exec and logs should work.

Hopefully the platform logs will help you find out what is not working.