Azure Container Instance Deployment is Failing


I am playing with waypoint for the first time and when following the instructions to deploy on Azure Container Instance I am getting the follow error on deployment phase:

» Deploying example-nodejs...
! Unable to create subscriptions client: MSI not available

and I am kind of confuse with MSI role on this tutorial.

Any insights are highly appreciated.


Hi fargozhu,

It looks like waypoint is throwing that error when it first tries to authenticate to Azure - how are you authenticating? Are you using environment variables, or the ‘az’ command line tool?

I am using az cli for the azure authentication as indicated on the documentation.

Hi fargozhu,

Thanks for reporting - this seems like a bug, and we’ve opened an issue for it here.

In the meantime, it seems like the bug is likely related to authenticating with the CLI - you might be able to work around this by authenticating with environment variables instead.

thanks for the support and I’ll give it a try using sp-rbac.