Waypoint Runner : Git checkout failed: worktree contains unstaged changes


We are currently working on moving one of our existing repos into Waypoint/Nomad. We are running into this issue when trying to run the waypoint up on a remote runner…

» Cloning data from Git
URL: https://github.com/Organization/platform
Ref: feature/migrate-to-nomad
Auth: username/password
! Git checkout failed: worktree contains unstaged changes

Waypoint CLI: 0.10.0
Waypoint Server: 0.9.1

We have not seen this issue with any other repositories, and I have tried doing multiple branches all with the same error.

Deploying locally works fine, but ideally we want this to be done through an action.

Anyone able to provide any help here?

We have also tried SSH into the Waypoint runner and manually run git checkout on the branch. It worked without any issues. Still getting error when pulling from waypoint though.

Hey @rlandingham! Could you also provide the logs of your remote runner to help troubleshoot?