Waypoint storage in k8s cluster

Are there any details about what type of storage, default names, etc that Waypoint is expecting in a kubernetes cluster? Is it looking for Persistent Volumes vice Storage Class? How much storage, etc?

Hi @chadsly!

You can see how the k8s default installation is set with the -show-yaml argument such as: waypoint install -platform=kubernetes -show-yaml -accept-tos.

Right now Waypoint leverages a StatefulSet with a 1GB PersistentVolumeClaim.

Here is a snippet with the PVC details:

  - metadata:
      name: data
      accessModes: [ "ReadWriteOnce" ]
          storage: 1Gi

The full example is in this gist.

The names for the Kubernetes resources are also shown in the Troubleshooting for Kubernetes docs.

Thank you. Can this file be edited?

Yes, the -show-yaml option is there to do things like make edits before creating the resources. If you edit it first before kubectl apply yourself outside of waypoint install -platform=kubernetes than you will have to manage the Waypoint Server bootstrapping process which also creates your Waypoint CLI context. If you use waypoint install, then all of those steps are handled at once.