Waypoint + Vault - Deployment not able to start

I am not sure if this is a possible bug or if something else is going on. I have Waypoint + Vault set up on Kubernetes. When I do a waypoint deploy, I see the entrypoint logs showing that it was able to fetch the secret from vault, but then the deployment seems to hang. I see the app pods restarting, and eventually waypoint gives up.

2021-09-21T15:43:33.134Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.config.watcher.watchloop: initializing the Vault client: source=vault
2021-09-21T15:43:33.162Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.config.watcher.watchloop: secret is renewable, starting renewer: key=password path=database/creds/my-role source=vault
2021-09-21T15:43:33.455Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.url.agent: connection latency: latency=154.600812ms
2021-09-21T15:43:33.456Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.url.agent: connected successfully: status=connected latency=154.600812ms skew=48.37914ms
2021-09-21T15:43:37.941Z [DEBUG] entrypoint.url.agent: connected to hub: addr=

Waypoint deployment output:

✓ Kubernetes client connected to with namespace app2
✓ Creating deployment...
❌ Waiting on deployment to become available: 1/1/0
✓ Kubernetes client connected to with namespace app2
✓ Deleting deployment...
! Deployment was not able to start pods after 10m0s

If I remove the configdynamic variables, the app will start up. The app I am testing with is the app from the Learn site that I just updated to use the dynamic values from Vault instead. I’ve tested with the example nodejs app as well, same result.

This does look like a potential bug. Could you open a GitHub issue so we can try to reproduce it and track it? If you can include any sort of reproduction steps that may be of relevance (in the issue) that would help. Thank you!