What is the roadmap for the cost estimation feature, and why is it so useless?

I’m appraising Terraform Cloud and one of the features I was really looking forward to testing out is the cost estimation feature. It’s one of the marquee features advertised with Terraform Cloud, so I was expecting something a bit more comprehensive then what I’m seeing. It seems that only a select few resources are estimable, hardly any of which are major factors in our monthly bill.

For instance, one of our modules stands up our tenant’s infrastructure, which is composed of an Elasticache replication group, an EKS cluster, and a few other things. The only estimable resource in all of that is our t2.micro aws_instance jump host. I mean, c’mon. This is pretty much useless to me.

Interestingly, aws_autoscale_group is supposedly estimable, but I got a big ol’ goose egg for that too.

What gives?