Cost question in terraform cloud

if i want to run in terraform cloud 100 EKS clusters with 15 deployments inside, how much it cost a month?

Hey there! I think you should use AWS Pricing Calculator or contact AWS Billing team directly. Another option is to contact hashicorp support team.

I’m not sure if you are asking about AWS pricing or Terraform Cloud pricing. @hinc-b already answered about AWS, so I’ll answer about Terraform Cloud.

Terraform Cloud’s current price at the time I’m writing this is $0.00014 USD per resource instance per hour. (If you’re reading this message at a later date, please check the pricing guide in case the details have changed in the meantime.)

When calculating this, consider that each instance declared by a count or for_each argument is a separate billable object. A resource without dynamic repetition counts as one billable object.

I can’t give you an exact number because there are various different ways to declare an EKS cluster. Remember to take into account both the cluster itself and any supporting objects you declare per cluster, such as compute nodes and the VPC/subnets.