Terraform Cloud Free up to 500 resources a month


Was looking for information on how TFC free edition calculates a resource. Is it based on actual objects in the cloud you build, or by the “name” field in the resource block ect?

Hi @mbeck, I think this is the answer you are looking for:

You can find details on Terraform pricing, including the new approach to TFC, here: HashiCorp Terraform: Enterprise Pricing, Packages & Features

For specific info on the new approach to billing managed resources, here are some details from our pricing page:

  • "Managed Resource” means a Resource in a Terraform Cloud managed state file starting from the first time a terraform plan or terraform apply run is performed on the resource, and/or the resource is provisioned, and where mode = “managed” in the state file. “Null Resources” and “terraform_data” are excluded from the Managed Resource.
  • Each “Managed Resource” is charged on a per-hour basis, from the time a Managed Resource is provisioned until it is destroyed. Each partial hour is billed as a full hour.
  • For Terraform Cloud Standard Edition, the first 500 managed resources are free every month.