Regarding the pricing of Terraform Cloud plan

With the current pricing structure, managing 10,000 resources would cost approximately $1,000 per month.

I am a part of the infrastructure team, and the 10,000 resources may only cover around 50 accounts, while we are responsible for hundreds of AWS/Azure accounts.

My question is, if I solely utilize Terraform Cloud for managing the state files, without handling the resources. In the ‘Default Execution Mode,’ if I choose ‘local’ to manage the state file using Terraform Cloud, how much would the cost be?

Hi ozbillwang - regardless of execution mode, all resources are billed in the same way. This is because we price for the resources managed in state and through our lifecycle management workflow. I would recommend if you take advantage of our remote execution, you’ll have access to most of TFC’s features like policy enforcement, where as the local execution mode offers the least functionality & benefits

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Thanks for the confirmation.

this would be mostly a no-go for my project.