What is the status of Terraform v0.11.15?

No commit in the hashicorp/terraform repository has been tagged with v0.11.15 .

The v0.11-branch CHANGELOG would seem to indicate that v0.11.15 was never released:


Yet there are terraform_0.11.15-oci binaries offered for download on https://releases.hashicorp.com/terraform/

What does the -oci suffix signify? What changed in this release?

I am trying to ascertain whether that binary is safe for general production use – at least until we migrate to v0.12.x, of course.


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Hi @saj,

The v0.11.15-oci release is an internal build not intended for general use. It is available on releases.hashicorp.com just because the special reason it was created required it to be available there.

v0.11.14 is the final release of the v0.11 series and we have no current plans to make any more v0.11 releases. v0.11.14 is the version to use until you are ready to upgrade to v0.12.


Thank you for the context. I have one more question if you don’t mind -

Some of our folks had (quite understandably) assumed the v0.11.15-oci release was GA, installed it on their workstations, and then gone on to apply against state that had long since been curated by v0.11.14.

In light of your post, I would like to roll us back to the v0.11.14 release.


Terraform doesn't allow running any operations against a state
that was written by a future Terraform version. The state is
reporting it is written by Terraform '0.11.15'

% terraform version
Terraform v0.11.14

# I fetched state from our backend storage.

% jq -r .terraform_version <state

Would it be safe to manually revert the value of this state key back to 0.11.14?

I note that the value of the version key, which I presume is the true state schema version, did not change between 0.11.14 and 0.11.15 – it is still set at 3. If it helps, we have a complete history of all revisions to state.

Following a successful roll back, we can implement our own measures to block any future accidental installations of the v0.11.15-oci release.

Edit: After diffing the state objects generated by 0.11.14 and 0.11.15, I saw no apparent schema changes that might pose a problem. I proceeded to fudge the values of the terraform_version keys for some of our smaller, simpler states. This seemed to work OK.

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I don’t believe there were any changes in that release that would’ve affected the serialization of state snapshots, so manually switching the version back to 0.11.14 should be safe.

I expect that staying on v0.11.15-oci would not cause any significant problems either, if you’d prefer that. Although it isn’t an official stable release, it does not include any harmful changes.

Our numbering scheme for releases uses a dash-separated suffix to represent a non-stable prerelease. Although v0.11.15-oci is not a conventional prerelease version, we used that naming scheme in an attempt to indicate that it isn’t a stable release, similar to -alpha1 and -beta1 suffixes used on other prereleases. If you have any systems that are selecting newer releases of Terraform automatically, I’d recommend making them exclude versions that have a prerelease suffix or else you may find yourselves inadvertently upgraded to alpha and beta releases in future.