What (other) kinds of apps will Waypoint support?

Workloads that follow the build, deploy, release workflow fit within the design target for Waypoint. Yet not all types of apps will work with the capabilities in the 0.1.x release.

Stateless web apps were the first target, which you can see from the Kubernetes plugin currently only directly support a Deployment resource (rather than a StatefulSet) or the Docker plugin not supporting Docker Volumes. Reference this non-web workloads thread for some discussion.

For functions, there is a community plugin for Google Cloud Functions and Mitchell mentioned that he wanted a Lambda plugin on Containers from the Couch, so those app types should be relevant too.

There may be some Waypoint capabilities that do not apply to certain app types or platforms. For example, Google Cloud Functions does not support the Waypoint Entrypoint currently because of the lack of sidecar support. With the relatively new AWS Lambda Extensions API it’s likely possible to adapt the Entrypoint capabilities to work with AWS Lambda.

Templates, hooks and plugins should all provide Waypoint a rich set of capability and extensibility to fit many different types of apps.

Please let us know about the app types that don’t quite fit yet and what you would like to be able to do.

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