What the correct process for bootstrapping ACLs in an existing multi-region cluster

From going over the documentation about ACLs, I know that one of the regions will need to be marked as the authoritative region.
However, I’m a bit in the dark regarding the order of the bootstrap process in such cluster. My goal is to lower the period of time that the cluster is inaccessible via API.

  • Do we need to bootstrap the first region, set it to authoritative and move on to the next?
  • Or doo we need to bootstrap a region by region and then set one of them to authoritative?
  • Is there impact on API accessibility during the bootstrap process in other regions? I.e if we bootstrap region-a, can I still run unauthorised API requests in region-b?

Would appreciate any info from anyone who went through the process in the past.

I must’ve been blind because this page answers my questions.