Whats an endpoint with amazon-ebs?

At the end of my packer run i get the following error.
This happens as part of copying the AMI to other regions. I cant find any details about an endpoint and what it is or looks like?
This is a packer script that i have been converting from JSON to HCL2.
im running Packer 1.7.8

* Error Copying AMI (ami-435356457) to region ("af-south-1","eu-north-1","ap-south-1","eu-west-3","eu-west-2","eu-west-1","ap-northeast-3","ap-northeast-2","ap-northeast-1","sa-east-1","ca-central-1","ap-southeast-1","ap-southeast-2","eu-central-1","us-east-1","us-east-2","us-west-1","us-west-2"): MissingEndpoint: 'Endpoint' configuration is required for this service