Where does consul save the data?

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I am new to Consul and while reading the ACL part of Consul, I am curious that where Consul saves the tokens of ACL? How Consul recognize the token I use has the permission to do this or that?



Consul saves ACL information along with all of the other cluster state - in memory at runtime, and persisted via snapshots and transaction logs in the configured data directory.

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Thanks for the reply, that would be the value of parameter “-data-dir”. Btw, is the data persisted there encrypted and how to decrypt it?



No, it is not encrypted

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Thanks for the reply.

If it is not encrypted, is there any way I could read the content?

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The only supported way to read the data is via the Consul HTTP API.

Reading the files directly would require extensive reverse engineering of file formats, and would be relying on internal implementation details that may change in future Consul versions.

Thanks Max, that helps.