Where is documentstion code in Github repository for boundaryproject?

I am unable to find the documenation code for Boundary Project in GitHub.
Please help me find it.

Need to have a look on documentation which is hosted on below URL:

This is not the documentation but the learn platform. And the source code is not public (yet).

Oh ok.
The reason I asked is because I found many mistakes related to mistyped.
Just wanted to correct those.

You can list your findings here, I guess. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been following the tutorial up to this point: Configure Boundary using Terraform | Boundary - HashiCorp Learn

where you create a new TF project to launch a new Boundary org. Boundary dev is working, and I can access my local server through the desktop app (macOS 11.3) and the browser. Docker is running with the PG image marked as active.

Copy-pasting the example TF script throws the following error:

│ Error: error updating scope: {"kind":"Unauthenticated","message":"Unauthenticated, or invalid token."}
│   with boundary_scope.global,
│   on main.tf line 37, in resource "boundary_scope" "global":
│   37: resource "boundary_scope" "global" {

→ the generated auth method id is correct, and I can see it in the log of the dev server. Same goes for usr/pw (admin/password).

Auth seems to work:

$ boundary authenticate password -auth-method-id=ampw_1234567890 -login-name=admin -password=password

Authentication information:
  Account ID:      apw_hSrGD7aLkM
  Auth Method ID:  ampw_1234567890
  Expiration Time: Wed, 05 May 2021 21:54:55 CEST
  User ID:         u_1234567890

The token was successfully stored in the chosen keyring and is not displayed here.

→ adding “token” to provider "boundary" {} in the main.tf file (pulled from my macOS keychain --is there a command to list my tokens? The auth command simply prints “token stored, not printed”) does not solve the problem.

I’ve tested a minimal implementation, i.e. just creating one scope. When I copy-paste the command from the tutorial for the CLI, the scope is created. If I copy-paste the equivalent for Terraform, I receive the above-mentioned error.
Besides the resource "boundary_scope" "org" part, I have the following in my main.tf file:

terraform {
  required_providers {
    boundary = {
      source = "hashicorp/boundary"
      version = "1.0.1"

  backend "local" {
    path = "terraform.tfstate"

provider "boundary" {
  addr                            = ""
  auth_method_id                  = "ampw_1234567890"
  password_auth_method_login_name = "admin"
  password_auth_method_password   = "password"

needless to say, boundary authenticate password -auth-method-id=ampw_1234567890 -login-name=admin -password=password works, the server is running and the credentials are correct.

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Hey @swiknaba and @mukeshkmr776

Louis from the Boundary team here, thank you for your interest in testing and improving Boundary. @mukeshkmr776 please do post any errors you find for now!

@swiknaba I am assuming you are using Boundary 0.2.0 for the above test, we are still updating the Terraform Provider Boundary to work with Boundary 0.2.0. For now you have two options which should get you past the authenticate error you are hitting:

  • Use Boundary 0.1.8
  • Use Recovery KMS to authenticate (see the Terraform example)

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Thanks @louisruch ! You’re assuming my versions correctly. I will try setting up fake KMS keys locally and update this post once I fail or succeed.

Would you consider Boundary 0.2.0 stable or beta then? Since the Terraform plugin is on 1.0.1, I would expect the plugin to be “more” stable/mature than Boundary itself.

Since both parts are tightly coupled, having a compatibility matrix for the versions would be awesome.
Or you couple the versions, e.g. if Boundary has version a.b.c, then the compatible TF plugin could have version a.b.c.d, with a.b.c being the Boundary version, and d being a monotonously increasing number.
With this, it will be easy to declare a compatible TF plugin version, by just using a.b.c.x, x = latest.

Sorry @louisruch for late reply.
There were issues in documentation regarding to passwords. At many places it was mentioned “123456790” (misssing digit “8”).

I had a quick look on documentation just now, I guess it’s all fixed now. Will let you know of any other documenation issues :slight_smile:

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Hey @swiknaba,

You mentioned that you are running boundary dev, dev mode will automatically generate a recovery key for you and print it on the cmd when the server starts.

We have discussed adding a compatibility matrix, and it seems like now is a great time to add this! I will quickly draw one up next week.

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