Auth_method_ID Terraform datasource required for Boundary Provider

I am looking to automate boundary creation & configuration in Hashicorp Cloud using Terraform. I am able to create hcp_boudary_cluster but unable to fetch auth_method_id via terraform as no terraform data sources/direct fetch method is available. Whereas I could fetch all boundary -auth methods list via CLI but not via terraform.

This is definitely something we want to do, but we haven’t gotten around to adding this yet. We welcome open source contributions and this sort of thing could be a great way to make your first contribution. There is a work-in-progress branch that attempts to add datasources automatically that has unfortunately stalled, but it may be useful as a base for you to make your own contribution: Generate datasources based on OpenAPI specification by remilapeyre · Pull Request #127 · hashicorp/terraform-provider-boundary · GitHub.