Why is "provisioning artifact parameters" required for "aws servicecatalog product"?

Relevant Terraform Docs

According to the AWS Docs it’s not required by AWS, allowing the creation of a Service Catalog Product without any versions.
I would like to use Terraform in the same way; Creating the product separate from it’s provisioning artifacts. Especially since provisioning_artifact_parameters can’t be edited without forcing recreation of the whole product (if I was able to add more links, I’d link PR #31061), and can’t be set to deactivated.

Am I misunderstanding something about how this works or is it a bug that provisioning_artifact_parameters is marked as required?
My current workaround is to fill it with dummy data and disabling template validation.

This could be a bug - perhaps you can open a new issue at Issues · hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws · GitHub.

To attempt working around the issue, have you tried to using an empty provisioning_artifact_parameters block with the aws_servicecatalog_product resource?