Why is the better XenServer and XCP-NG builder missing from Docs? Can I add it?

The builder listed under community for xenserver, no one is pumping anything into it. It is dead.

Someone sponsored ddelnano for some Terraform work, and they are working on this:

I can’t imagine Oracle and Citrix ever caring about the community again. Anyone have suggestions for keeping xen stuff a part of future virtualization stacks. I know lxc, lxd, qemu are all the highspeed stufff…but there is a reason stuff like Qubes OS exists w/ and built in Xen.

Though with much of the deveopment in virt tech moving to the former stuff that I mentioned, who knows if Qubes is going to migrate some day.

How can we keep xen alive, inside of packer, and Terraform? I know Vates has done a ton, but are they the only community player that can help make this happen, can we get some more attention to ddelnano maintenance?:

Just wondering what the community thinks?

HashiCorp has over 700 repos at this point. Can someone point me to the repo for this doc so I can commit an edit to it: