Windows 11 Hyper-V VM configuration version 9.0 and not 11.0

I am working on Windows 11 Pro and use Vagrant to spin up single virtual machines.
For some reason all the VM’s I spin using Vagrant on Hyper-V seems to be configured with VM configuration version 9.0 while on Windows 11 Pro the supported configuration version is 11.0.

I am trying to find out why the current Hyper-V provider results in a 9.0 configuration version for the newly created VM.
I have tried to peek at the PS code of the Hyper-V provider on the public repo but not sure what is the root cause yet since it’s a bit long code and hard for me to follow, so I am looking for hints.

There are two options for Vagrant(latest 2.3.7) to create a VM either using an XML configuration file or using some other calls.
I am not sure what if an XML file is being used or VMCX calls.
I have a vm “spin” code in PS that do create a 11.0 configuration version VM.
Any help would help.