Windows d drive sharing with Ubuntu vagrant box

Hi team i am trying to sync My E drive with Vagrant ubuntu xenial box ,
when i change the config file which looks as below

then excecuted vagrant reload i am getting the error as below

please help me to mount my E drive to vagrant box so that i can access and share my data with vagrant.
my host OS is windows 10
and guest OS is ubuntuxenial64
i have vagrant in c drive
now i want to to work on Edrive files with in vagrant .

Hey there,
it looks like the issue may be about the use of the single \. It seems to be trying to escape the " that comes after it. This can be fixed by changing the line to:

config.vm.synced_folder "E:\\", "/home/vagrant/Edrive"

More information on escape characters in ruby:

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it worked perfectly !! and for this i wasted almost 1 day and finally wrote here. Thank you verymuch soapy1