Would like to do Terraform continuous deployment with Bamboo

I am working on manual implementation of terraform and provisioning the infrastructure on AWS. But I would like to do the same with continuous deployment using Bamboo tool. Can someone share their thoughts and documents if have any, so that would be great help for my deployment.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Dhaamodharan ,

You are welcome to ask a broad question like this, but you should bear in mind that new posts don’t stay near the top of the front page for long, and broad questions are difficult to answer, so may not get answered.

You may do better by trying to ask more specific questions.

Running Terraform in Bamboo should not be any different to running it in any other CI tool. It just involves running the same Terraform CLI commands you would run locally, in the CI tool.

There is an official guide on Running Terraform in Automation:

This is not tailored to Bamboo in particular, but as @maxb noted the same principles tend to apply to most of these automation systems and so hopefully you can use the information in that guide with your knowledge of Bamboo to find a suitable approach.