Write into ovf?

I have a template folder in my local system. It contains vmdk, iso , mf and ovf files.
Also I created a ova from my directory with ovftool.
With the following code I created a VM successfully:

  ovf_deploy {
    allow_unverified_ssl_cert = true
    local_ovf_path            = var.ovf_source_file
    disk_provisioning         = "thin"
    ip_protocol               = "IPV4"
    ip_allocation_policy      = "STATIC_MANUAL"
    ovf_network_map = {
      "ESX-port-1" = data.vsphere_network.network.id
      "ESX-port-2" = data.vsphere_network.network.id
      "ESX-port-3" = data.vsphere_network.network.id

But when I append to above code vapp block, I get the following error:

error while creating vapp properties config unsupported vApp properties in vapp.properties: [guestinfo.domain guestinfo.hostname guestinfo.netmask guestinfo.ntp guestinfo.ipaddress guestinfo.gateway guestinfo.dns guestinfo.password]

Appended code is:

  vapp {
    properties = {
      "guestinfo.hostname"  = "myhostname",
      "guestinfo.ipaddress" = "",
      "guestinfo.netmask"   = "",
      "guestinfo.gateway"   = "",
      "guestinfo.dns"       = "",
      "guestinfo.domain"    = "primp-industries.com",
      "guestinfo.ntp"       = "pool.ntp.org",
      "guestinfo.password"  = "VMware1!"

I don’t know to how solve my problem and assign IP address into my VM.
Do I have to write my vAPP into my ova/ovf ?
Or do I have to configure server?
I don’t know to what to do.