Your ACL token does not grant permission to undefined


I am facing an issue with Nomad v1.1.4 which I cannot resolve.
I am trying to run a job via web UI in hcl format and I am getting an error “Your ACL token does not grant permission to undefined.” or “Unknown Error”
My acl token has full permissions “The management token has all permissions” and is the only one on the server with management permissions. When I am trying to add the same job on my test server, everything is working fine.

root@nomadclient01[/etc/nomad.d]: nomad acl token list
Name Type Global Accessor ID
Bootstrap Token management true -c328-9d95-87a2-**

Any ideas what might be wrong here? Looking already for third day, have been reading documentation and still no workaround here…

Like I said before, the same jobs are running on another server without any problem, code is clean and working.

In my case it was an issue with a Cloudflare Challenge aborting the XHR request from the Nomad UI. Take a look at the request details from within the Developer Tools