Architectural design

we are looking at a possible environment where we have several data centers but also single physical servers. the physical service can in some cases be connected with layer 2 connectivity but some cases they could be connected with a internet connection.

another example could be a single vps with some random provider.

does anyone have a good idea how one could use consul for this. if we have l2 connectivity we could proably just setup a consul client and tie it to the closest data center.

should that be the approach in each case or is there a good way to build a mini DC or something like that?


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@lunne, you should be able to deploy a Consul client in the remote DC which connects back to the main DC as long as there is low latency between the two environments (sub 12ms).

Will you have a relatively low number of these remote sites, or do you anticipate that the number of sites, and servers at the sites, will increase over time?