Authoring task plugin not in GO

interested in authoring a nomad plugin, but i see no examples or discussion about doing so “not in go”. from what i read, the interface is supposed to be language agnostic, but other than that scant indication, i see nothing that provides direction other than in go.

any links, references, or pointers welcome.

Hi @sfisque.

As you point out all the current HashiCorp and community Nomad task drivers are written in Go. The benefit with this is that it is easy to consume both the plugin library and Nomad driver interface declarations with little overhead. There is also a skeleton driver repo available to aid driver development and make it as easy as possible for plugin authors.

The hashicorp/go-plugin library used has a Python example which can help provide insight into writing a plugin in a non-go language.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to respond with any follow up questions you may have.

jrasell and the Nomad team.