Auto-populate mandatory properties for a module in vscode

Hi Team, I know for general provider resources you can auto-populate mandatory properties but I was wondering if after entering in the source in a module block if it could do it. I see in the IntelliSense it is smart enough to know the mandatory properties but I can’t get it to auto-populate them.

Hi @john.ward,

Thanks for the suggestion! We did look into populating the required attributes for a module while building the source completion.

Due to some technical challenges, we decided not to implement this feature at this time.

We are tracking the work in two different GitHub issues:

Are you hoping to get this for local, registry, or other modules?

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Hi @dbanck , main use would be for our local and private TF cloud registry. Using this should hopefully provide easier adoption of the modules and how to use them as staff would quickly see all the required variables (with descriptions) instead of having to go to the reference documentation. Also if new modules, if the attributes alter, they will be automatically displayed, again prompting the developer to update their code.