Azure - Application Gateway - Backend Address Pool

Currently, I have a TF configuration file, that is building an application gateway in 1 of our Azure Subscriptions - and for the backend address pool - fqdns block - is there a way to specify the Target type (App Service, IP address or hostname, Virtual Machine, or VMSS) when passing in a fqdn list?

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Just attempting to do this for the first time. I don’t know if it was failing for you or if you were asking out of curiosity.

Azure magically detected the type of the target (AppService) when I just added it via the fqdns argument to the backend_address_pool.

@shawnferry - at the time I was wondering if there was a specific way to tell it the Target Type, but I see now that it is automatic based on what is entered. Honestly, I forgot about this post. But thank you for the response.

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Did you guys specified AppService name only or something else? I tried to specify app service name but target type still remains IP or FQDN…